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Kingfish snow machine trouble shooting

The Kingfish snow machine appears to not be working:

1. Make sure the machine is turned on and plugged into an adequate plug. The fan has a knob and the machine has an on/ off switch.

2. Check to see that the number dial is turned to 899.

3. See that the snow sock/ nose is attached.

4. See that the tube is placed into the snow solution and snow solution is moving up the tube.

5. If the machine keeps popping the outlet then see that the power is adequate. 20 amp plug is recommended.  Also, if you are using an extension cord it must be 10 or 12 gauge and not longer than 50 feet. Longer than 50 feet and less than 100 feet it must be 10 gauge.

6. If the outlet continues to pop then you may need to have the electronics board replaced inside of the machine.

7. If the snow solution is moving up the hose a very little bit then you will need to prime the pump. This may take up to 30 minutes. You must turn the machine on and off over and over again and attempt to blow solution into the hose. As you turn the machine on and off you will see the solution slowly moving up the hose.  When the solution reaches the pump then it will begin operating properly again. Do not let the pump run dry.

8. The pump may be stuck from sitting for 11 months.  Take a shoe and gently tap the top of the machine while it runs. This will jar the pump to begin pumping again.

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Amazing Snowing snowman trouble shooting

In case the Amazing snowing snowman does not operate properly; go through the following trouble shooting procedures:

1. Is the machine plugged in to a live/ functioning electrical outlet?

2. Is the unit turned on? Does it make noise?

3. Is the snow sock attached to the unit? It was not supposed to be removed.

4. Did you pour the snow solution concentrate into the solution tank? Did you add distilled or deionized water with the concentrate to fill the tank?

5. Did you screw the lid on tightly and leave the rubber o-ring on the cap?

6. There are plastic screws on top of the snow box where the hose attaches. Make sure these screws are tight by hand.

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fake snow machines for sale

Winter snow machine season 2010 approaches quickly. With new technology the fake snow falling machines increase in productivity each year. Remember that renting a machine makes the most sense when only using the device once.  If you intend to have a special event involving snow machines year after year then it makes most economical sense to purchase the fake snow falling equipment. Phoenix, Arizona, Houston, Texas, and the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex appear to be the most popular areas for snow machines for the winter of 2010.

Fake snow used for snow balls

Realistic looking fake snow

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Fake snow machines rentals 877-278-9626

Amazing inflatable snowman